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Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 4)

2022-04-28 06:26:00

Rotation of the slewing bearing is not flexible.

(1) The idling of newly purchased products is not flexible.

Remedy: If it can run after afterburning and there is no other abnormality, it can be used normally.

(2) The operation is not flexible after installation.


• Re-process the installation plane of the main engine to make the installation plane meet the requirements; or use the gasket enrichment method.

• Readjust the backlash of the gear meshing according to the requirements, especially pay attention to the maximum position of the gear runout.

• Check to make sure that there are no foreign objects in the meshing positions of the large and small gears.

• Replace a slewing bearing with a slightly larger clearance.

(3) Inflexible operation during operation

• Lack of grease, top up as required

• The sealing strip is damaged, causing foreign matter to enter the raceway.

• Check the meshing condition of the big and small gears for foreign objects or broken teeth.