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QIBR Interchange Type From INA

QVA Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVA30 0475NVA30 0475NExternal gear382mm598.2mm65mm63.2kg
QVA30 0980NVA30 0980NExternal gear870mm1144mm100mm229kg
QVA30 0685NVA30 0685NExternal gear577mm829.9mm68mm111kg
QVA25 0309NVA25 0309NExternal gear235mm408.4mm60mm28.3kg
QVA22 0596NVA22 0596NExternal gear510mm712.2mm55mm61.5kg
QVA16 0302NVA16 0302NExternal gear240 mm384 mm32mm12.8kg
QVA14 0188VVA14 0188VExternal gear135 mm259.36 mm35 mm7.5kg
QVA16 0235NVA16 0235NExternal gear171 mm318.60 mm40mm12.5kg

QXA Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QXA28 0995NXA28 0995NExternal gear882mm1158mm83mm211.3kg
QXA20 0810NXA20 0810NExternal gear730mm964mm90mm156.9kg
QXA20 0720NXA20 0720NExternal gear630mm844.3mm59mm86.2kg
QXA24 0574NXA24 0574NExternal gear480mm695mm77mm82.9kg
QXA16 0407NXA16 0407NExternal gear335mm503.3mm50mm32.3kg
QXA18 0309NXA18 0309NExternal gear235mm408.4mm60mm29.1kg
QXA20 0352NXA20 0352NExternal gear274mm462mm59mm34.2kg
QXA12 0235NXA12 0235NExternal gear171mm318.8mm40mm12.9kg

QXU Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QXU05 0077XU05 0077no gear40mm112mm22mm1.3kg
QXU26 0980XU26 0980no gear870mm1090mm79mm157.5kg
QXU30 0785XU30 0785no gear670mm900mm86mm154kg
QXU28 0680XU28 0680no gear565mm795mm79mm119kg
QXU08 0430XU08 0430no gear380mm480mm26mm11.6kg
QXU30 0515XU30 0515no gear384mm646mm86mm113kg
QXU16 0405XU16 0405no gear336mm474mm46mm24.8kg
QXU16 0260XU16 0260no gear191mm329mm46mm15.5kg
QXU16 0264XU16 0264no gear215.9mm311.15mm25.4mm6.3kg
QXU12 0222XU12 0222no gear140mm300mm36mm11.5kg
QXU08 0149XU08 0149no gear101.6mm196.85mm22.22mm3.5kg
QXU08 0120XU08 0120no gear69mm170mm30mm3.9kg
QXU12 0179XU12 0179no gear124.5mm234mm35mm6.8kg
QXU06 0111XU06 0111no gear76.2mm145.79mm15.87mm1.2kg
QXU06 0094XU06 0094no gear57mm140mm26mm2.3kg

QVLA20 Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVLA 20 1094NVLA 20 1094NExternal gear984mm1198,1mm56 mm83kg
QVLA 20 0944NVLA 20 0944NExternal gear834mm1046,1mm56 mm71kg
QVLA 20 0844NVLA 20 0844NExternal gear734mm950,1 mm56 mm65kg
QVLA 20 0744NVLA 20 0744NExternal gear634mm838,1 mm56 mm54kg
QVLA 20 0644NVLA 20 0644NExternal gear534mm742,3 mm56 mm48kg
QVLA 20 0544NVLA 20 0544NExternal gear434mm640,3 mm56 mm41kg
QVLA 20 0414NVLA 20 0414NExternal gear304 mm503,3 mm56 mm30kg

QVLU20 Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVLU 20 1094VLU 20 1094No gear984 mm1198 mm56 mm62kg
QVLU 20 0944VLU 20 0944No gear834 mm1048 mm56 mm54kg
QVLU 20 0844VLU 20 0844No gear734 mm948 mm56 mm48kg
QVLU 20 0644VLU 20 0644No gear534 mm748 mm56 mm36kg
QVLU 20 0544VLU 20 0544No gear434 mm648 mm56 mm30kg
QVLU 20 0744VLU 20 0744No gear634 mm848 mm56 mm42kg
QVLU 20 0414VLU 20 0414Nogear304 mm518 mm56 mm23kg

QVLI20 Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVLI 20 1094NVLI 20 1094NInternal gear984mm1198mm56 mm81kg
QVLI 20 0944NVLI 20 0944NInternal gear840mm1048mm56 mm67kg
QVLI 20 0844NVLI 20 0844NInternal gear736mm948mm56 mm61kg
QVLI 20 0744NVLI20 0744NInternal gear648mm848mm56 mm51kg
QVLI 20 0644NVLI 20 0644NInternal gear546mm748mm56 mm46kg
QVLI 20 0544NVLI 20 0544NInternal gear444mm648 mm56 mm39kg
QVLI 20 0414NVLI20 0414NInternal gear325 mm518 mm56 mm27kg

QVSA Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVSA 20 1094NVSA 20 1094NExternal gear1022 mm1198,1 mm56 mm92 kg
QVSA 20 0944NVSA 20 0944NExternal gear872 mm1046,1mm56 mm78 kg
QVSA 20 0844NVSA 20 0844NExternal gear772 mm950,1 mm56 mm72 kg
QVSA 25 0955NVSA 25 0955NExternal gear855 mm1096 mm80 mm154 kg
QVSA 25 1055NVSA 25 1055NExternal gear955 mm1198 mm80 mm171 kg
QVSA 25 0855NVSA 25 0855NExternal gear755 mm997 mm80 mm146 kg
QVSA 20 0744NVSA 20 0744NExternal gear672 mm838,1 mm56 mm59 kg
QVSA 25 0755NVSA 25 0755NExternal gear655 mm898 mm80 mm129 kg
QVSA 20 0644NVSA 20 0644NExternal gear572 mm742,3 mm56 mm53 kg
QVSA 20 0544NVSA 20 0544NExternal gear472 mm640,3 mm56 mm44 kg
QVSA 20 0414NVSA 20 0414NExternal gear342 mm503,3 mm56 mm32kg

QVSI Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVSI 20 1094NVSI 20 1094NInternal gear984 mm1166 mm56 mm92 kg
QVSI 20 0944NVSI 20 0944NInternal gear840mm1016 mm56 mm77 kg
QVSI 20 0844NVSI 20 0844NInternal gear736 mm916 mm56 mm68 kg
QVSI 20 0744NVSI 20 0744NInternal gear648 mm816 mm56 mm58 kg
QVSI 25 1055NVSI 25 1055NInternal gear910 mm1155 mm80 mm165 kg
QVSI 25 0955NVSI 25 0955NInternal gear953 mm1055 mm80 mm150 kg
QVSI 25 0855NVSI 25 0855NInternal gear710 mm955 mm80 mm138 kg
QVSI 25 0755NVSI 25 0755NInternal gear610 mm855 mm80 mm118 kg
QVSI 20 0644NVSI 20 0644NInternal gear546 mm716 mm56 mm51 kg
QVSI 20 0544NVSI 20 0544NInternal gear444mm616 mm56 mm43 kg
QVSI 20 0414NVSI 20 0414NInternal gear325 mm486 mm56 mm32 kg

QVI Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVI14 0326VVI14 0326VInternal gear250 mm382 mm59 mm17kg
QVI25 0489NVI25 0489NInternal gear384 mm562 mm55 mm43kg
QVI16 0420NVI16 0420NInternal gear332 mm486 mm39 mm24kg
QVI25 0635NVI25 0635NInternal gear504 mm722 mm59 mm70kg
QVI30 0720NVI30 0720NInternal gear584 mm812 mm68 mm100kg
QVI20 0897NVI20 0897NInternal gear776 mm976 mm60 mm90kg
QVI20 0575NVI20 0575NInternal gear462 mm657 mm55 mm56kg
QVI16 0288NVI16 0288NInternal gear216 mm340 mm39 mm11kg

QVU Series

QIBR No.INANo.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVU20 1125VU20 1125No gear1056mm1194 mm56 mm71kg
QVU40 0785VU40 0785No gear670mm900 mm86 mm155kg
QVU36 0980VU36 0980No gear870mm1090 mm79 mm162kg
QVU30 0574VU30 0574No gear468mm680 mm68 mm82kg
QVU36 0680VU36 0680No gear565mm795 mm79 mm120kg
QVU25 0380VU25 0380No gear275mm485 mm55 mm44kg
QVU25 0433VU25 0433No gear344mm522 mm55 mm41kg
QVU20 0260VU20 0260No gear191mm329 mm46 mm15kg
QVU20 0405VU20 0405No gear336mm474 mm46 mm25kg
QVU14 0325VU14 0325No gear270mm380 mm35 mm12kg
QVU13 0255VU13 0255No gear200mm290 mm24 mm5.4kg
QVU14 0179VU14 0179No gear124.5 mm234 mm35 mm7kg
QVU20 0220VU20 0220No gear138mm302 mm46 mm16kg

QXI Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QXI12 0420NXI12 0420NInternal gear332 mm486 mm39 mm23kg
QXI20 1100NXI20 1100NInternal gear950 mm1200 mm70 mm150kg
QXI18 0865NXI18 0865NInternal gear736 mm952 mm54 mm93kg
QXI20 0720NXI20 0720NInternal gear584 mm812 mm58 mm84kg
QXI18 0635NXI18 0635NInternal gear504 mm722 mm54 mm67kg
QXI12 0321NXI12 0321NInternal gear257.2 mm383 mm38 mm15kg
QXI16 0489NXI16 0489NInternal gear384 mm562 mm45 mm35kg
QXI12 0288NXI12 0288NInternal gear216 mm340 mm38 mm12kg

QXSA Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QXSA14 1094NXSA14 1094NExternal gear1024 mm1198.1 mm56 mm91kg
QXSA14 0944NXSA14 0944NExternal gear874 mm1046.1 mm56 mm77kg
QXSA14 0844NXSA14 0844NExternal gear774 mm950.1 mm56 mm71kg
QXSA14 0744NXSA14 0744NExternal gear674 mm838.1 mm56 mm59kg
QXSA14 0644NXSA14 0644NExternal gear574 mm742.3 mm56 mm52kg
QXSA14 0414NXSA14 0414NExternal gear344 mm503.3 mm56 mm32kg
QXSA14 0544NXSA14 0544NExternal gear474 mm640.3 mm56 mm44kg

QXSI Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QXSI14 0414NXSI14 0414NInternal gear325 mm484 mm56 mm31kg
QXSI14 1094NXSI14 1094NInternal gear984 mm1164 mm56 mm91kg
QXSI14 0944NXSI14 0944Ninternal gear840 mm1014 mm56 mm76kg
QXSI14 0844NXSI14 0844NInternal gear736 mm914 mm56 mm69kg
QXSI14 0744NXSI14 0744NInternal gear648 mm814 mm56 mm58kg
QXSI14 0644NXSI14 0644NInternal gear546 mm714 mm56 mm50kg
QXSI14 0544NXSI14 0544NInternal gear444 mm614 mm56 mm43kg

QXSU Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QXSU141094XSU141094no gear1024mm1164mm56mm77kg
QXSU140744-RRXSU140744-RRno gear674mm814mm56mm51.6kg
QXSU140414XSU140414no gear344mm484mm56mm27.4kg
QXSU080398XSU080398no gear360mm435mm25.4mm7.55kg
QXSU080318XSU080318no gear280mm355mm25.4mm6.1kg
QXSU080318-RRXSU080318-RRno gear280mm355mm25.4mm6.1kg
QXSU080258XSU080258no gear220mm295mm25.4mm4.85kg
QXSU080218XSU080218no gear180mm255mm25.4mm4.2kg
QXSU080168-RRXSU080168-RRno gear130mm205mm25.4mm3kg
QXSU080168XSU080168no gear130mm205mm25.4mm3kg
QXSU14 1094XSU14 1094No gear1024 mm1164 mm56 mm77kg
QXSU14 0944XSU14 0944No gear874 mm1014 mm56 mm67kg
QXSU14 0844XSU14 0844No gear774 mm914 mm56 mm60kg
QXSU14 0744XSU14 0744No gear674 mm814 mm56 mm52kg
QXSU14 0644XSU14 0644No gear574 mm714 mm56 mm44kg
QXSU14 0544XSU14 0544No gear474 mm614 mm56 mm38kg

QVSU Series

QIBR No.INA No.Gear Typedi (mm)Da (mm)H (mm)Weight (kg)
QVSU 20 0744VSU 20 0744No gear672mm816mm56 mm53kg
QVSU 20 0414VSU 20 0414No gear342mm486mm56 mm30kg
QVSU 20 0644VSU 20 0644No gear572mm716mm56 mm45kg
QVSU 20 0544VSU 20 0544No gear472mm616mm56 mm38kg
QVSU 20 0844VSU 20 0844No gear772mm916mm56 mm61kg
QVSU 20 0944VSU 20 0944No gear872mm1016mm56 mm68kg
QVSU 25 1055VSU 251055No gear955mm1155mm63 mm129kg
QVSU 25 0955VSU 25 0955No gear855mm1055mm63 mm116kg
QVSU 20 1094VSU 20 1094No gear1022mm1166mm56 mm77kg
QVSU 25 0755VSU 25 0755No gear655mm855mm63 mm91kg
QVSU 25 0855VSU 25 0855No gear755mm955mm63 mm102kg