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Common problems and solutions of slewing bearings (Part 1)

2022-01-13 04:45:00

Broken tooth


(1) The backlash of the large and small gears is improperly adjusted during installation.

(2) Failure to adjust the meshing clearance with the pinion at the maximum position of the tooth jump as required, resulting in a stuck and broken tooth during operation.

(3) The axes of the large and small gears are not parallel or the mounting bolts of the slewing bearing are not tightly fixed, and the large and small gears are poorly meshed after installation, resulting in broken teeth.


(1) The backlash should be adjusted strictly as required.

(2) The meshing adjustment with the pinion should be carried out at the green paint position, and the trial run should be carried out after adjustment as required.

(3) Ensure that the axes of the two gears are parallel and tighten the bolts as required.